Mechanical Lifter Unloading System

Mechanical Lifter Unloading System designed to manage wastage or dust collected without polluting the ambient. The system features with adjustable lifting cover which allow fully seal up above the designated garbage tank before the assigned truck discharge out or clear up for disposal. The system contains combination of both mechanical helicopter and mechanical rotary valve system to avoid the wastage discharged from being stuck in between and hence make a better performance on wastage clearance in garbage tank.

Product Name: Mechanical Lifter Unloading System
Design Concept: Positive or Negative Air Pressure
Purpose: To control the wastage discharged from polluting surrounding ambient
Function: Collect the wastage discharged in designated garbage tank using adjustable unloading lifter in seal up manner for periodic disposal

Specification Of Mechanical Helicopter System: (a) Gear Box (CMD): WVA 175-60
(b) Motor Drive: 7.5kw/10hp/415v/50Hz
(c) HRC Coupling: MTD HRC 150H 2012
(d) Chain Coupling: KC 8018
(e) Bearing: UFC 213 D1 NTN Ø2½”
Specification Of Mechanical Rotary Valve: (a) Worm Gear: KB 120-60A Ratio60
(b) Motor Drive: 2.2kw/3ph/415v/50Hz
(c) HRC Coupling: MTD HRC 110 (H28/F24)
(d) Chain Coupling: KC 6022
(e) Bearing: UFC 280 Ø1½”
Specification Of Mechanical Lifter System: (a) Worm Gear: TNRV 110
(b) Motor Drive: 1.5kw/4ph/415v/50Hz
(c) Shaft: Ø1½”
(d) Bearing: UCP 208 Ø1½”
(e) Pulley: 2 SPA 180/ 1½” Martin Taper Lock
(f) Limit Switch: MJ - 7208

RecommendationSuitable for all types of dry dust or wastage discharged
          (Except on liquid form or wastage contains moisture)

Efficiency Level99.99%

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  2. Mechanical Helicopter System
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  4. Maintenance Platform
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